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What led me to drop out of University

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I have always been into arts; I love music, writing, painting or even movies. However, even though my parents have always supported those activities as hobbies, they could not associate them as earn- living professions. This is the reason why when I was 17 years old I had absolutely no clue about what degree to study. Deep inside I knew I wanted to study Fine Arts but I was insecure and had many doubts.

I decided to study abroad my degree and got accepted by the University of Glasgow to study a MA in Psychology. After having an incredible first year and start working, I remembered what lead me to be there: to have enough confidence to stand by my dreams, no matter what. I can say I was finally ready to accept rejection.  So in the middle of my second year I dropped out of University. After going through a period of time I personally call ‘the storm’, I decided it was time for me to go back to Spain.

I feel I have an important message to transmit to both teenagers and parents. When I made the decision of dropping out of University I realized that if I ever wanted to be a mother I would first need to understand the following: how would I support my kids to follow their dreams if I did not give me the chance to follow my own in first place?

After this experience I have learned a valuable lesson: the only reason why I did not choose Fine Arts three years ago was not only because of the absence of support, but the absence of faith; faith both in myself and in the possibility of success. We must believe that our dream/project/idea is possible; the best way to do it is by working towards it.

By the way, I have been working and saving up since January to pay for my Art studies. I will be starting in autumn.

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