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A dog saved me from being lost

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In 2007, I started my own business and after only one month, I already had a big project. Being a businessman was really easy so I started to dedicate more time to having fun.  Then the crisis hit in 2008.  The months passed, projects disappeared.  Also, my relationship end and I was left with a recently adopted puppy.  I didn’t have any money, a hyperactive puppy and I was the owner of a business without any clients. They were hard days, taking the dog out 5 times a day, no time for fun.   Every time, I was watching TV, the puppy was looking at me, so I would drop everything that I was doing to take him out again.  After one week, I realized that it was he who was taking me out, that he was trying to motivate me and it worked.  I left the house and for months I organized meeting after meeting to get clients but without success.  I didn’t give up, I knew the failure would be to not continue. One day, exhausted, I collapsed in bed without any strength left, I looked at my dog and he was lying next to the trash can that have had since I was 5 years old.  It has a picture of Alf, the main character from the 80s TV series that I enjoyed during my childhood. With the face of the dog next to Alf, I realized that the two looked alike and in that moment a feel of fulfilment overcame me.  I started to remember and rediscover myself.  I connected the dots as Steve Jobs once said, I looked towards my childhood to understand who I wanted to be. I renamed my dog Alf and I realized how I was going to make my business special:  discovering and telling the story of each business so that they connect with their customers. I went back to work with this idea and it was a success.  My business has since doubled its turnover every year.  Be brave to go out and discover what you are able to contribute, success is waiting for you to reach it.

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