Acompáñanos en la próxima edición de TEDxCibeles

TECHKnowledge: integration of online courses in higher education and TED-Ed platform to enhance online learning discussions

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Project Description

The idea of TEDKnowledge is to share updated topics and lessons in higher education using TED, TEDx, and TED Ed resources. TECHKnowledge is the integration of online education and emerging learning technologies. We are using TED-Ed platform and Social Media Learning to enhance the Online Learning Experience. TECHKnowledge and Device-Oriented Learning combine technology and knowledge with TED-Ed lessons to expand online and offline discussion in different higher education courses. Combined discussions allow students from different sections to participate. Discussions can be hosted in TED-Ed platform, or personal or professional social media networks. This was a possible idea but hard to implement. It has been tested with college students in different courses.

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