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Space Helmet

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I’m Juan Carlos Sebastia 21 year’s old student of industrial engineering. Last year I had the great chance of winning global NASA competition with my friend Francisco Presencia. As a prize we enjoyed the amazing experience to attend a launch of an spacecraft in Cape Canaveral.

It is not necessary to be a top university student to win a competition like we won. The key is not to be conformist, never think we’ve learnt enough at the school, university or work. Nowadays Universities in Spain are mostly based on theoretical models and they don’t use to teach us how to use it in reality, but we have the key to solve it. The students’ potential is huge and just being bold and having the initiative to break up with the routine, we can start making things, such as participating in competitions or creating new StartUps, which is when we really show all our potential.

That was one of our keys to win this competition; we tried to use all our potential to make something which can inspire NASA for future developments. The other key was the experience of teamwork in many projects and competitions and how to organize the time during the competition.

During the 48 hours of the competition we were capable of designing and building a functional Space Helmet with  interesting functionalities. We developed a Heads Up Display (HUD) which allow people to see in real time the vital signs from sensors that are installed along our body, and a 3D cameras system that allow us to interact with the environment by means of an special glove.

We enjoyed a great moment when was announced we have won the competition, the feeling of facing teams from all around the world with high-level projects was really motivating. But we are not an exception in Spain, there are lot of students with high potential waiting for an opportunity. I’ll recommend everybody not to wait anymore and start making things by themselves. That would be the fastest way to show how good they are, and in our case it has worked.

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