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Two years ago I was going through a very difficult moment, so I decided it was the moment to make major changes in my life. And it was terrifying… The decision was all ready taken but I still needed to find out the way to make it possible.

So… one wonderful afternoon of july, I went to a music festival and received a promo postcard wich said: “when was the last time you did something for the first time?” And an idea started to grow in my mind.

Based on the postcard, I came up with a very simple plan: During the next year, each single week (52) I would try a thing I had ever done before. I thought if you want to get new results you have to try new things, and if you try new things you will change, and if you change your entire life changes… basically scientific method… right?

Many people said to me it was a “very-hard-new-year-resolution”… and many people thought I would quit a few weeks after, other many people just said “go and get it!”.. And I´m very thankful to everyone… In a way, even those who didn´t believe it was possible, cheered me up to make it happen.

Right now I´m on the third edition of Método52, and (so far) I have done 104 amazing things I didn´t new I was able to do: skydiving, sailing, bungee, climbing, baking, kite surfing, teaching, cooking, sewing, reading, canyonig, rappel, street art… and list goes on and on…

BTW the key for success was never give up, and have a (looooooong) list of big dreams to reach.

And thats the story behind a transformation journey called: Método52, or how jumping out of my comfort zone took me to the most unexpected and passionate adventure ever. I have change, you can change, changing is possible. I´mPossible.

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