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10 Impossible come true

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3 years ago I was faced with a universal problem: the difficulty of parents to care for their children from walking (2 years) until they start to be half-makers (6 years).
I thought to find “the” solution, but soon began to emerge IMPOSSIBLE:
1) That my proposal really was world first.
2) Take her out from a country in crisis and without entrepreneurial culture.
3) Affordable for most.
4) They weren’t interested only to the largest distributor, Amazon, but it also should receive support.
5) Ensure the rights of the most notorious of Europe licensed preschool: Peppa Pig.
6) Receive applications to market in more than 11 countries. Some curious, as a future advisory Argentine presidential candidate.
7) But with our mind set on convincing our best channel, with a reputation for tight and closed: pharmacies.
8) Generate enthusiasm to a team of over 20 people in 3 continents, but:
9) No budget (literally).
10) And Apple Watch chose to launch in Spain the same day as us: June 26, 2015… two bracelets suddenly converted into twins.
Did we make it happen?…:securykid

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